Monday, November 03, 2008

Wasn't spun by Drudge...

ho ho ho

It wasn't drudge and his headline (used this screen cap because Drudge is the master of holding attention) that convinced me of McCain's comeback...

It was an higher power.

But a little disclosure...

Been a visitor to Drudge since Lewinsky and always have kept an ear on what Dick Morris had to say about the state of electoral politics in the US.

I am after all, a child of the Clintonian Age.

I will say this about Drudge, he has no slant one way or the other. His greatest strength is his ability to filter for visitors things of interest. I work in the media, ratings is a great motivator.

I am very sure, if G W Bush had an interesting experience with a White House intern, it will be on drudge... with a siren flashing of course.

And as for Morris, as a media type lusting for stories myself, my darker side sure hopes his prediction of a possible replay of 2000 comes true.

ho ho ho


  1. taking into account of Bradley effect and obama heading +6.3 average, I believe McCain will win and Ms. Palin will be the dumbest VP ever... right after GW Bush.

    didn't follow dick morris' blog but read somewhere he was the spin doc of clinton's since the early days and he was the one who stopped H. Clinton from building a swimming pool at home as it'd harm Bill's image as a Arkansas governor. Been interested in him since then but Behind The Oval Office is still sitting in my storage and yet to be finished...

  2. pakman

    之前你話135年尾低過幾錢你就請食飯, 邊個有份去

  3. u put jor obama? better cut loss before is too late! hohoho...

  4. Yo Beatster girl,

    So many unknowns right now. Nothing surprises me anymore.

    ho ho ho


    I can't remember what price, but what ever price I set, we are under water lah.

    I will buy anyone a meal who bought last year after I recommended AND held on until now.

    Yes, it means you my friend.

    And finally good slave,

    No didn't put Obama. But I am avoiding US Coal stocks right now.

  5. Pakman:
    The flaw of Drudge report is that it only uses ONE day result, and its bound to be volatile.

    If you got this poll blog. Super fun.

    Also, Bradley effect is kinda old school now. We DO see tons of African Americans came out to vote(at least for early voting). Moreover, there are something new called:
    Cellphone effect or
    Google Traffic

    Either case, for China, its good to have a neo-con to be president so the hate can be concentrate in US while China just go along...while to the world, Obama represent hope...

  6. Well me thinks Drudge is part of the Right Wing propaganda machine... if only ever so slightly. just like Daily Kos is hard left. Some balance:
    CNN Debunks Drudge's Latest Fraudulent Smear

    Even Karl Rove predicted a major win for Obama.