Wednesday, April 04, 2007







  1. Hi smartboy...pakman,

    A very good lesson from ex-goldsmith. However, only 2 experts believe in this theory... is not enough to reject your opinion. If oil really transform from "carbon", how come nobody create NEW oil till now?

    I will try to use your method if I drunk ... Is it really work?

    By the way, I am so excited that #358 pop over $10. I sold my half portion at closing price today and enjoy FREE 3-days BKK luxury tour which start from tomorrow. I own you a pack of dried pork meat, hehe. Also, I buy in a small amount of #585 at $3.5. Am I a "smartboy" too?


  2. some caveat.

    1) oil does not dissolve in water, and oil is lighter than water. so the trick works pretty well, and there is very little water pumped out. -- in venezuela the oil was heavier and hence more costly to extract

    2) alcohol dissolves in water, so your trick does not work the same way the oil rigs work. but it does dilue the alcohol inside and get some out. a better way is to drink water liter by liter, and vomit out before drinking the next liter.

    assume the alcohol was 0.2 liter inside.
    method 1: remaining alcohole= (0.2/2.2)x.2=0.018
    method 2: remain alcohol = 0.2/(0.2/1.2)^2=0.0056

  3. To be honest...

    Weds piece was a tongue in cheek cross over between science and drinking...

    The litre by litre suggestion i agree... Thats how i do it.

    And also, you dun need to get rid of all alcohol, but merely reduce it to a level that the liver can handle... the body is a wonderful thing... can indeed take a surprising amount of alcohol...

    Anyhow, I am aware there are alternative theory on the creation of oil. But the main point is that it is under pressure in oil wells...

    In Saudi Arabia, they keep their oil wells pretty much pressured up this way. However, because their oil wells are pretty old. Some of the wells produce 95% water and only 5% oil.

    as for 358, i think you sold way too early, it cracked a multi year resistamce top. I think it will go to $14 first.

    Finally for 585...A tough call... Have to wait for international box office numbers to come in. But in the cartoon world, as long as there are compelling heroes, and evil villains, the market is always there.


  4. Thanks for giving me ideas to
    "help" the girls haha