Monday, June 22, 2009

Who is the Stig?

My all time favourite show about cars on this planet is Top Gear.

I went to their live show right here in Hong Kong.

Bought a T shirt that says

"I am the Stig" (here is what the Stig does and his role on the show)

For I am the Stig (thats what I tell everyone)

But finally, the Stig's true identity has been revealed.

Or is he really? Is this a hoax by Top Gear on all of its fans?


  1. i think i's another red herring...the last time topgear announce the identity of the stig turned out to be a hoax - graham hill, father of daemon hill, and someone who died 35 years ago

  2. I don't buy this. Schumacher's definitely's got better things to do than wait around in the set of Top Gear for taping every week.

  3. 咦.死肥仔. 我係星期六在海港城門口見到你, T-SHIRT加短褲, 你比我想像中高, 可能在電視見你坐的多吧
    身旁的女子是你那一位呢, Hor Hor Hor

  4. 正確來說是Gateway

  5. I have followed Top Gear for a few years now. What a marketing success by implying Michael Schumacher is the STIG. A fantastic way to kick off the new series!

  6. Those folks over at Top Gear makes one pretty good TV show.

    My ALL TIME favorite was when they tried to destroy an old Toyota hilux.

    Thats why I drive a 17 year old toyota starlet hahahahahha