Thursday, May 24, 2007

袁彌明 vs Stephy

To paraphrase our modern day bard Justin...

袁彌明 vs Stephy is One Good Show!

Honestly... Nothing beats a good cat fight *meow*... When the hair gets pulled and the face gets scratched...

Well, perhaps the only thing that beats a cat fight, is if 袁彌明 and Stephy duke it out like this. Now if NOW puts it on pay per view, I am so paying to watch it.


  1. very funny...
    btw, do you know i am a black belt in tae kwon do?

  2. no way...

    you're kidding right?

    I mean you literally can kick my ass?


  3. Stephy 讀得書可能比袁小姐少, 但至少佢無床照流出...讀完大學聰明d 咩 ? 同埋, 打中文唔難囉. 己經回歸左,China is the future 乃大勢所趨, 有好多明星如Fiona成日都講我d 中文唔好, 我讀國際學校 blablabla..唔好意思, 佢d 屋企人都唔係甘西化,袁小姐家人亦是, 至不過有錢可以送d人出國,另一個角度睇, 係勁既,就可以考上香港既大學啦。當然,佢有權在她的blog 上講佢想講既野,但之後,就應有d guts, 唔好道歉...畢竟Stephy紅過佢, fans多過佢, 最後咪又要玩娛樂圈so call 既手法..邊個紅, 邊個大哂....如果果番說話唔係由Stephy講, 係有Twins 講, 你估袁小姐夠唔夠膽甘講野 ?

  4. 環顧我身邊的朋友,
    我有個朋友會考第一年英文羅最差grade,她羅uncle, 考七科,得一科會格,在香港讀一些勁差的中學,最差o果個band,
    佢會有今日的成就和background,學歷嗎?佢兒家英文超好,我朋友話佢在澳洲成績勁好,係因為屋企駛了好多錢供佢澳洲讀書,所以佢好努力讀書,佢話並唔咪因為香港的教育制度另佢當時成績差,而係當時自己冇心機讀,erica comment香港教育制度有問題,我覺得根本係佢自己能力的問題,並不是香港教育有問題,自己唔得,又係度賴o乜賴物


  5. I see the battle line has been extended to my blog too... hor hor hor

    first up to 匿名,

    如果係Twins 講, 我估袁小姐一定夠膽照講... because she is insane that way... hahaaahahhaha

    Now... to well,

    I have long argued for a school voucher program for HK students to have their tertiary education ANYWHERE in the world.

    And not the shitty choice of the local schools.

    The key point is not where Erica went to school.

    THE POINT IS WHERE STEPHY couldn't go...

    With her talent... in America, she would have gone to a very very good school. And developed her talent that way.

    Finally, as to the "China is the future therefore English is obsolete", I would say this. If there are economic reasons to learn a language, people will learn and master it.

    It really is that simple.

    ONE LAST POINT... I actually like the song 電燈膽 hahahhaha i really do...

  6. it is obiviously that you know Erica in person. That's why her articles can appear on your column. Kinda bias. Am sure there's a lot of celebrity can write good piece. It's just surprised me that how many ppl claim they cannot type chinese or cannot master well in both languages by saying they were overseas students. Well, she left after F. 5...not that she were brought up in overseas. I studied in overseas too, but i have to say i can type chinese...and i can master both languages well. The difference is that am not as pretty as her...and my family is not as rich as hers. But I guess that already make a big differece. coz in HK, ppl only concern abt your outlook and family background. Afterall, i appreciate her guts. And I like to read your articles. Both, keep yourself up.

  7. 一看就知佢地兩個識拉,

  8. 不如叫Stephy寫金手指啦!






  9. I like your comment above Mr. 暗黑的卡夫卡. LOL

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