Monday, January 19, 2009


HSBC Hong Kong closed @ HK$62.3

HSBC in London currently trading at HK$52...

Thank you Household International.

Thank you to those in HSBC who were responsible for buying it.


  1. 大笨象跌左落河 ?!

  2. just like #8, buy on cheap.....where is the bottom...who knows

  3. At what price, would it begin to trigger a bank run?

    For I am afraid people will ask the following questions...

    1. How much deposits are with HSBC?

    2. Can the HK government really cover it all?

    Could physical gold and silver really make a move from here due to buying from HK people?

  4. Tony may say fucking shut up pakman, HSBC is a good bank...

  5. hey is this a chance for gold and silver pakman?

    I have recently sold my gold and waiting to buy it back....

  6. be careful to say "XXXX run", you may trigger it.....and go to jail later for it.

  7. the head office of HSBC is in UK.....Unfortunately it is an UK bank.

  8. ai ya... be careful ah... people lining up before HSBC branches will say "a fat boy told us ga!"

  9. All I can say is that those elite AOs better have run that scenario in their "what if" crisis models...

    And hope those models does not rely on S&P + Moody's credit ratings...

  10. No matter how HSBC becomes, HK Govt would save us. However, it has not guaranteed the timing for you to get back the deposit.

    As an insurance, better use BOC stock account to buy some put warrants on 5 which is not issued by HSBC. In case HSBC fails, you can get some quick cash.

  11. HSBC has (according to Morgan Stanley analyst) US$220billion worth of deposit in HK.

    The Hong Kong Government has US$61billion in reserves.

    You do the math.

  12. Gold & silver are moving sharply today

  13. Even if HSBC has $220b of deposit in HK, but I wonder what proportion of the deposit cover are covered by the hk gov. And I am sure definitely not all of them.

    All my deposit in hsbc are not covered by the scheme as i put all my money in a "package" account with overdraft limit (my deposit is used as a collateral for the overdraft). I wonder how many deposit are still qualified for the protection?

  14. of course no need to cover all deposits...

    or does the govt need to?

    hor hor hor