Sunday, January 18, 2009

More analysis of the miracle landing on the Hudson...


  1. :)

    but it may have a simpler explanation. i.e. the rubber raft is part of the aircraft, so people just get out of the cabin to whatever is floating outside their nearest door.
    floating raft for the forth,
    and on the wing for the rest.

    but i am not sure about this, your F/A friends should know.

  2. of course lah!

    In fact, viewed from the Plane's rear, you can see a dinghy inflated behind the wing.

    It is only the camera angle that made you think they had no help on the wing hahahahah

  3. 下次咪擇頭等...

  4. hey, see the paint on the body of the plane? It's 'US economy' right? Bankers are at the front and they'll be saved first when the 'US economy' fell to hell.

    However this event happened before Obama ... so the wall street didn't like what he said yesterday by voting more than 4% drop in DOWS last night. Hoping that those in 'economy class' will be saved in crashes from now on!