Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lady Gaga comes to Hong Kong 咖咖小姐來香港

I want to go to Lady Gaga's concert in Hong Kong.

2nd hand market price is SUPPOSEDLY going through the roof with a lot of professional queuers involved.

Anyhow, I don't believe the price of say a HKD$1580 (Approx USD$200) face value ticket is going for HKD$30000 (USD$3850). The concert will be in 2 months, I plan to buy those tickets off speculators at par when the expiry date nears.

But if those crazy prices hold. I guess I only have Bernanke and Draghi to thank.

我想去Lady Gaga香港演唱會。


無論如何,我唔信,賣港幣$1580(約200美元)嘅飛賣HKD$ 30000(USD$3850)。演唱會仲有2個月,我打算到時按票面值購買投機者拋出嘅門票,哈哈。



  1. my back of the envelope - if the top 1% hongkongers have secured 3 tix each for themselves and mistresses, thats 210K seats gone... good luck!

    1. I knew it!

      I knew Li Ka Shing is a gaga fans!!!!!