Saturday, April 14, 2007

LSD needs to purge itself of 勞永樂

Let me be the first to admit. I am proud as Research Director of the Lion Rock Institute (LRI) that we have 社民連 the League of Social Democrats (LSD) in Hong Kong.

They are the only ideologically consistent party. They are consistent in espousing their demand for more government intervention into people's lives to "save the people". We at the LRI of course disagree with their policy proposals, but I believe we shall agree to disagree.

Their existence demonstrates that we live in a tolerant and diverse society, where freedom of speech is enjoyed.

So, when their vice chairman decides to "go on record" against one of their guiding philosophy of wanting a government to redistribute wealth in HK, I was really disappointed. Hence I wrote this.

But wow...

Are my attempts to clean the already polluted stables of LSD that naked and transparent?

They got me quick. But yes, I will be the first to admit that LSD should drive out Dr Lo Wing Lok 勞永樂. His demand to "go on record" to be against wealth distribution makes him far more suitable to be in the sclerotic arm of the democratic camp... He belongs in the Civic or Democratic Party.


  1. I love 社會民主連線's English name...LSD lol

    Anyawy, If it is in their party constitution, why not admit it? for marketing reasons?

    from wiki, 激進民主派組建的政治性組織->旗幟鮮明地悍衛基層利益->Communist ideals?

  2. trotskyite marxist...

    but do remember Trotsky did die in Mexico city murdered by Stalin.


    One of their members "long hair" in his 2000 election campaign pledge to ban stocks and foreign exchange trading... seriously he did...

  3. Ha ha

    I was thinking the same as 暗黑的卡夫卡 when i read LSD, the hard substance ... of course it agains goes with 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamond' ...

  4. I think "Long hair" is more on Che Guevara than the Trotskyism folks...