Friday, April 20, 2007

Movie Development Council


I went to Legco the other day, as representative of the Lion Rock Institute to present our opinion on the HK$300m film development fund.

Here's a sample of the coverage by an industry publication.

Now. The thing was that our message is all about this subsidy will harm the very creative talent that it was designed to help. The HK local press didn't pick up on it while the American press did.

I guess it is hard to spin the local media, because they are not "there" yet.


  1. "If taxpayers choose to support the industry, they should do it by paying to see the movies in the theater or buying DVDs. ... Being coerced into this through taxation is immoral, inefficient and ultimately harmful."

    Good point. But what about small to medium budget/experimental films?

    Most of HK investor wont invest on those who lacks star power and high chance of commercial success.

    I think the government is trying to help those areas so the young and up coming directors can have a chance to try it out?

    Of course, its not that difficult with Web 2.0, youTube, ease of use of film quality equipments, but the coordination still need a hand...

    Any further thoughts?

  2. I feel highly uncomfortable with the government making people produce video/audio products such as movies that needs subsidies.

    The reason is it will direct these talent to these commercially inviable products. Once these talents get used to fulfilling the government criteria in getting funding, then they will be stuck creating product formats that will waste their talent.


  3. This has made me think of the products of RTHK in TV channel, which most of them are boring, and maybe, just maybe very few audience enjoy but occupying the prime airtime and our tax payment.