Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What Bob Barr have to say to raise campaign $$

Just read Bob Barr's platform on his website. He is ex-Republican, current US Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party.

As anyone in sales would say, "no hook".

This is what I think Bob Barr has to say to raise money.

1. Hit the Federal Reserve to reel in the big campaign dollars. Worked for Ron Paul. A lot of moneyed men loves this stance. Is it esoteric for most? Yes. But for those who cares, they will open their wallet fast. Really Fast. Issue salience my friends.

2. Have to be more creative about Iraq. How about the first thing a Bob Barr presidency can do, is to have a referendum in Iraq. Asking simply, "Do you want the US to stay?". If yes, you can legitimacy and stays as welcomed guests. If no, well, then you can cut and run.

3. On healthcare, hit the FDA. 'nuff said.

Will add more if things pop in my mind. This would be an interesting run. Let's face it, if Barr can do a Ron Paul and raise a ton of cash. He would be legit.

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