Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Milton Friedman R.I.P - 佛老精神長存

I still remember when I first read the book Free to Choose. In it, Milton Friedman used us, the people of Hong Kong, to demonstrate a fail-safe method of improving the standards of living right across society, especially the most needy. Providing a beacon of hope to the desperate and a beacon of direction for government officials who are lost.

Our way of life here or more importantly, the way of life of our earlier generations in Hong Kong, the simple act of making a living under unbridled competition not only within, but with the world, has made everyone here a hero in my mind. I am proud to be, to live as a breathing example of what can, and will happen, if only the right policy choices are made.

For those who say "he will be missed", all I can say is that I already miss him.

所有從未經歷過連飯都沒得吃年代的香港年輕一輩,如要明白年長一代,當年日日返工放工,默默耕耘,到底有何偉大,只需要閱讀佛利民的著作《Free to Choose》,看看香港經濟是怎麼成功起來的。



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