Friday, July 04, 2008

Damn, I got hoaxed!

Ok, Here's the article I wrote titled 買定put輪等睇戲, that was published Monday morning (June 30th) about Fortis Chairman Maurice Lippen predicting in Dutch the possibility of a "collapse" of the American financial system in a few weeks.

Anyhow, turns out to be a hoax. I guess Dow is going back to 15000 and the Hang Seng is now poised for a run for 32000... hahahahahHAHAHhaHAhHAhHAaaha

But I do wonder... Will because of this hoax being revealed, one of Fortis biggesty shareholder - Ping An (2318) Share price will recover...

12 months chart of the Dow

12 months chart of the Hang Seng Index

5 days chart of Ping An (2318)

12 months chart of Ping An (2318)


  1. haha, i jumped into 2318 at the end of Thursday + cow!!

    its time for olympics!! god bless china and god bless my cow!!

  2. Your cow needs more than a blessing.

    It needs a divine intervention hor hor hor

  3. no confidence in your view anymore?

    Fortis prediction is not important, that is just an example of a trend if it occurs.

    So you mean HSI will head towards 32000 from now on? Why do you think so?

  4. I was being sarcastic.

    hor hor hor

  5. so we should keep on buying silver & bear/put ??

    sounds crazy ... but i luv it ~~

  6. Of course keep buying silver and those bear/puts.

    This is exactly like 2001 market.

    A one way trade.