Monday, September 01, 2008




  1. Hahaha, interesting.

    if so, 好戲量 has already know how to preform a stupid show, a bad show. But... can they learn from that, and than, perform a good show?

    just like, after Edison found out what material can be used to make a light bulb, he said, he already found out 10000 materials, that cannot!

    Moreover, again, just like Edison, he mush not try something definitely never work, like paper, or iron, or, you name it. however, 好戲量 do try to do disgusting performances, to Re-discover something like "oh, people don't like rude".

    So, it is not quite a matter for being made or taken part in long as we're still kinking their ass, their show will never end (if we are part of it). i suspect, they never want their show forever long.

    at last, after this, what good thing was bring to them? become infamous? black listed? oh, dear, even we had been made, what do we lost? may be few hours. but look at them, they become pity street rats forever.

  2. 好似好有道理,但有無証據先…而且唔鬧佢,又點樣可以表達反對佢呢?


  3. After reading the posts and the replies from the creators of 反好戲量組織, I feel shocked about. Those creators seems to be on the side of 好戲量 rather than against them, so if it is same as what Mr. Suen, won't be a big surprise.

    (I would like to quote some of the replies made by those creators, but the group is close under pressure from different sectors. It may become a unsettled issue like the assassination of JFK, no one can get access to the truth)

  4. 我一早就讚成你講法喇!對付好戲量,只有兩招:被佢地搞就打999,同埋呼籲親戚朋友同學兄弟老死現任及前任女友及其所有朋友,千萬唔好幫襯好戲量,冇人睇,佢地必‧死‧無‧疑!

  5. If only their money making stuff was entertaining hahahahha

    so sad.

    But I must say, there will come a day when it will go too far, and someone gets hurt.

    I dunno... Maybe Simon Lee himself goes punches them in the face or something.

  6. 我諗起黃子華棟篤笑"兒童不宜"裏面講既呢個時代既指導思想喎.


  7. 如果把"好戲量"看成係外國人的practical jokes,可以一笑置之,也可以打999投訴。

    當然香港人係少了點幽默... :)