Thursday, September 18, 2008


Why gold and silver going up?

Because my guess is a lot of investment bank shorted gold and silver.

So if they go bankrupt, and their creditor have to unwind their positions, they have to buy it back.

Oh boy. I am so looking forward to the alleged greatest short in the silver market having to cover. Our friend Morgan Stanley.

Wanna bet on Morgan Stanley to be ok?

Wanna bet against Silver going to USD$120 per Oz?


  1. 白銀戰隊終於收成正果??

  2. 下一間睇怕都係大摩
    睇下佢今日個價...同AIG 早兩日一模一樣。

  3. do you think Silver Wheaton Corp (SLW) is represtenting the sliver price? It's up 15% today.

  4. Pakman I know you must be laughing! Hahahahaha!

  5. 唔知金價仲可以企幾耐..


  6. All silver warriors, revolution is not yet successful ... we are still far away from USD 120 ...

  7. Morgan Stanley OK or KO??

  8. I think ... it should be KO (like LEH) or TKO (like MER) ... ai ... no more "Morgan Flute" ...

  9. I am laughing.

    it feels good to be vindicated.

    But We'll have to see whether the buy backs by bankrupt banks will continue.

    Lets see.

  10. 我估黃金好快會上返一千美金。

  11. I am very happy to see these FREAKING BANKS & INVESTMENT BANKS BLEED TO DEATH...Have all of these suckers (analysts) laid off, let them get welfare or jump off the floor..these guys and gals deserved...Always putting out those garbage reports saying price is too low, price is too high, doing all those "underperform", "outperform" crap...And now, these suckers deserve a nice downgrade from whichever dies first (I still remember some suckers saying AIG is guaranteed a good buy at $ 25 USD, Lehman at $ 20 USD, Fannie & Freddie at $ 30 USD and lastly CITI at $ 25 USD...Tell them to eat shix la...)from there peers and all of their wealth gets burns in flames into ashes !!!

  12. 1 or 2 More Investment Banks Goes Under and That's It..Last to take down is UBS, HSBC...As of today, HBOS (Another 300 years UK bank has been burned to ashes and selling to Llyods DIRT CHEAP!!!)...I would be glad to see HSBC (THE GREATEST OIL, GOLD & SILVER BEAR) getting raided and massacred !!!

  13. "buy backs by bankrupt banks" is called " BAILOUTS ", As Jim Rogers said before, US & UK GOV will BAILOUT every single entity out there and pump in loads of free money until they passed away..or nationalized..

  14. I will buy more Gold (1818, 2899) and Oil Shares (883 & 857) as prices gets low...Now, these big boys are NOW LIQUIDATING their books to cover their a$$es on their CDS, CDO, ABS, Derivatives and loads of it...Amount is ranged from Trillions to Quadrillions...So, I believe that since HK is very liquid on money so these boys can burned Hang Seng to death and bring these money home to write off their SHIX...HK Gov is bullshix saying no liquidity is out of HK as of yet..Stupid Liar Tsang and Chan..

  15. From ...The Treasury International Capital Flows data was released yesterday detailing the numbers for the month of July. Quite frankly, while I was expecting some lousy data, I was stunned by just how bad it was.

    As you may know, they now have two ways of measuring the flows - one includes long term securities and the other includes shorter dated instruments.

    The numbers for the long term were $6.09 billion. The numbers if one includes the short term dated securities was a negative $74.79 billion!

    What makes this significant is that the trade deficit for the month of July was -$62.198 billion. No matter which way that one measures the flows, long term only or short term inclusive, flows were insufficient to fund the deficit. We will have to watch this to see if a pattern develops especially because the weak numbers were a result of widespread selling of US agency debt, corporate debt and equities.

    The agency debt chart will catch your attention in a large way as nearly $50 billion were dumped! How's that for a vote of confidence in Fannie and Freddie?

    I would fully expect that in the months ahead the equities chart is going to look especially bad not to mention the corporate debt chart as well as foreigners shy away from just about anything except Treasuries. How long Treasury buying can be sustained is anyone's guess.

    Also, note that China continues to close in on Japan as the number one buyer of US Treasuries....

  16. Here is the FORMULA & We are just started !! Mr. Sinclair, Master of Gold...Ref, I learn alot from him in regards to Gold & Silver and it is very very important that you read and follows..I learn from him since 2004...

    1. The quoted amount of OTC derivatives on Lehman's books are not notional value, but some silly mark to no market. The real number is trillions. When either party to an OTC derivative fails the value of that derivative instantaneously become the size of what was previously called notional value. With one quadrillion, one thousand one hundred and forty four trillion (BIS) in notional value, there is NO means to stop this financial cataclysm.
    2. The shit has hit the fan because trillions of dollars of OTC derivatives failed Monday.
    3. The entity to fail is not the winner on those fraudulent pieces of paper but the loser. Otherwise it would not have failed.
    4. Many other counter parties to those derivatives have fallen into potential bankruptcy.
    5. The long spoken about "domino effect" is active and I now believe the Fed did not consider how a derivative becomes full value (formerly called notional value) when one side goes into bankruptcy. Yes, Pandora's Box opened Monday morning.
    6. For years I was laughed out when this present condition was clearly described.
    7. Gold is going to $1200 and $1650. Laugh at me again if you must.
    8. Those that demand a date already have one - on or before January 14th, 2011.
    9. This is it and it is now.
    10. The greatest damage done to gold shares and gold came directly from those that were over-margined. Yes shorts got it down but those on margin got them here. Shame on you who demanded margin!
    11. Continue to ignore all the means of protecting yourself and you do not deserve to be protected.
    12. If you fail to retain proper parties such as an attorney to read your custodian agreement you do not deserve to be protected. Cheap out NOW and you crap out later, and that won’t be much later…

  17. 黃金戰士絶招:金電掌.....

    冇黃金, 何來白銀???
    咩... 咩.... 咩...

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