Monday, September 15, 2008

銀行執 聽歌仔 開心D

胡渭康 - 黃金戰士 -《黃金戰士》主題曲

"金光閃閃多美麗... 金光閃閃叫人迷..." 胡渭康 - 小小朋友仔 -《黃金戰士》插曲


*side note* I think it is a sign of the changing times, when before in the early 1980s, a Dupont lighter 打火機 is described and pushed to kids as a child's 小小朋友仔...


  1. Believe you guys need a "白銀戰士" instead. Right?

  2. 留意吓歌詞....
    good song for 大扎蟹

  3. or 轉名為 白銀聖斗士.....
    but 都係 黃金聖斗士勁...!!!

  4. I dunno.

    A lot of strong winds blowing.

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