Monday, September 15, 2008

雷曼 美林 AIG

1. 雷曼 - 真係倒閉。資產將會被賣,去還債。債主D錢將會有排先囉番。世界 Liquidity 再跌?

Oh yeah... time for me to 認屎認屁.
What did I say back on 30th of July
When Lehman was trading at $18 a share? ho ho ho

2. 美林 - 美銀出 USD$29 一股去買美林(禮拜五收市 USD$17)。美銀機本上係最大笨蛋,上次買Countrywide Financial 以經中招。

Also, for Bank of America buying Merill, as it is share for share, the "value" calculation is based on the closing share price of Bank of America on Friday.

The only piece of "good news" this weekend is this acquisition.

But if Bank of America share price starts falling dramatically on Monday US open, even this good news will be bad news. ooohhhhh

3. AIG - 呢個最切身,你有冇同佢地做既 Plan?今個中秋,肯定好多人打電話卑自己個保險 broker。問聯儲局暫時借400億美元?... hahahahhaha

As for AIG, they are DESPERATE. I recommend ALL media colleagues to start pounding their staff for comments. On record or off record.

What kind of plans and insurance are safe, and what kind are not.

Wonder how the Federal Reserve will handle AIG's request for money.


  1. Pakman,

    u r not "early" this time ... ur warning was posted few weeks ago ... great job !!

  2. BOA 互換股份,其實即係一蚊都冇放入美林。

  3. oh yeah!

    I can now 認屎認屁!

    thanks for reminding Fitch!

    As for BoA... it is true it is share for share.

    Whats gonna happen is it will not be a $40 - 50 billion deal. As boA share price will faalllllllllllllll

  4. wei,pakman, 你成日笑呵呵(hohoho)咁講,個個以為你講笑咋!hehehe...

  5. 唔知我個AIG insurance broker會否巳經執嘢走人?明日仲揾到否?

  6. pakman,

    The BoA/ML deal is going to turn the bank into no. 1 bank in the US both on i-bank and retail-bank side. Check the league table next time before you make any forecast...

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