Monday, September 29, 2008

Singapore: One Nation Under Lee

If you want to hit the PAP, you have to hit them from the right. On economic policies. And you have to out-PAP on economics.

Go to the people with a plan that would increase the return on CFP, Temasek etc (Privatization is always an option)

Go to the people with a plan that would make the economy grow faster than under the PAP (for example, how are you going to encourage creativity, when the secret ingredient of creativity is individual's innate sense of subversiveness, how does one 'create' something better in anything, if one is satisfied and not want to subvert the norm?)

Showing pictures of grannies picking up aluminum cans for recycling ain't gonna cut it. No rational resonance other than grannies are great for the environment.

Only when one present oneself as a better guardian of the Singaporean economy, does one become a real and present danger to the PAP.

Good luck my friends down south.

(Here's the facebook group "I WATCHED 'ONE NATION UNDER LEE' AND LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!")


  1. Andrewbaby, I suspect you traveled with that Beatster girl and I am very jealous now.