Friday, March 13, 2009

i-Cable results...


Was reading the i-Cable's (1097) Annual Result that came out today.

Two numbers popped up that I thought was of interest.

Pay TV

· Subscribers increased by 4% to 917,000 (2007: 882,000).

Internet & Multimedia

· Broadband subscribers decreased by 13% to 267,000 (2007: 306,000).

Well... The simplest explanation for the increase in Pay TV subscribers is good programming... hor hor hor

As for their broadband subscribers... Why the decrease?

I think this video explains a lot.


  1. Yeah I plan to disconnect i-cable broadband too hahaha

  2. I remember Ricky Wong talking about that too when he went to Money Cafe...

    How there were certain hiccups in the i-cable customer services...

  3. 張柏芝搶先亞嬌去有線做訪問, 其實都係為佢復出鋪路, 仲要狂插對方去博同情. 佢一向都係好開放啦.