Friday, June 01, 2007

Someone beat me to 壹能源

My original idea to turn 沼氣嘅甲烷 methane,into 天然氣... for 壹傳媒 變身 壹能源

And then 2 days later... from
明報 hahahahahahah


  1. 壹能員,你推介一注買白銀實貨,唔怕的白銀比白蟻食光嗎?另你叫那隻龜幾時反家鄉呀?

  2. Hello, Pakman, it's nice to know you're back. I remembered you suggested us to open an etrade account and bye iSLV. So which method is better? How should we compare?

  3. ex gold hit boy...

    the turtle is pretty much screwed.

    as for the silver vs termite... hahahahhahah


    i remember hard core gold + silver bugs left an entry a while back that said, "precious metals are like women, it is not really yours until it is in your arms."

    SLV should have silver in its London warehouse.

    And who knows... maybe they don't. It is all a hoax.

    but SLV is much easier to handle than physical silver.