Monday, December 15, 2008

ATV... Empire Strikes back


Lots of points.

1. Why was the resignation announced by Linus Cheung as answer to the last question in a press conference concerning Miss Asia? What if no one asked anymore questions? WTF?

2. Does Ricky Wong want to go? Does he know what is going on?

3. If he wanted to go, is it because there is an
expectation difference in how free he can be in running ATV? He must have expected the worst when it came to operations, culture and money, but what about his freedom to make moves?

3. If he didn't want to go, will Ricky Wong name his assasin?

This saga continues...


  1. 好戲由王維基反擊開始...好戲連塲,仲好睇過珠光寶氣!


  2. 若果張永霖同王維基要二揀一;論表現,點都係王維基

  3. I don't know.

    I don't think Linus wants to be without Ricky.

    Fidel had Raul and Che.

    Mao had his men.

    You can't have a revolution with one man's effort.

    It is simply not possible.

  4. 但出現羅生門喎...



  5. 如果係橋,咁又幾好睇,起碼好過PAKMAN的橋啊!

  6. Linus is in a trap. I'll be very disappointed if this wasn't set by Ricky. They have never worked together it's quite different to be a friend to working together. Ricky is setting the rules and wants to take full control and he's telling Linus that his hands are on the driving wheel. Linus can stick his label on the car but Ricky is driving it. If Linus doesn't like this, fine, Ricky's off and Linus has to drive it on his own and Ricky has nothing to lose.

    Can major shareholders keep fueling this crappy car to race with TVB with only Linus as driver, I doubted. It'll crash in no time and Ricky can still claim hero "...I told you, didn't I, my speech is still on youtube watch it again..."

  7. Ricky will not come back. ATV is certainly down to the hell. A new Free TV should be set up. one scenario that ATV will survive because some capital come from North in order to maintain a speaking channel.