Friday, December 12, 2008

Was this a recruitment video?電子草船?

Although I don't know if these were intended to be recruitment videos.
I don't know if these were filmed and put on line for the sole purpose to be viewed by POTENTIAL RECRUITS. 王維基做傳教士,搵緊信徒...

I strongly suspect this will turn out to be one of Hong Kong's greatest recruitment video series.

Perhaps Linus and Ricky sat down, brainstormed, and asked each other, "How are we going to attract those who wants/can subvert the current order... Yet knowing the high cost of being a rebel in Prefect-worshipping Hong Kong, reduce their worry of betting their career on ATV?"

Watch the following. Esp beginning at the 7:00min mark.
Watch the final 47 sec.

「...將來有興趣加入嘅員工...」 電子草船,你越射佢,佢就越借到人。


As for why the videos were removed earlier today by ATV, and then re added later...

I am sure our house paper will report tommorrow. As ATV leaks information like a sieve. But from my own viewing... They seem to have re added the bits that was edited out in the original version.

If thats true.

Once again... Change we can believe in.


  1. new here... hi!

    i watched part 1 last night. well, ricky sounds like a "power seller", but who wants to join ATV though? usually the 2 of them will "call 番自己d 馬黎", right?

  2. Ricky係在ATV揾緊Buy佢嗰套嘅人...帶香港寬頻嘅人入ATV係權宜..

  3. Ricky's effort in revolutionizing ATV is indeed worthy of a show.

    My suggestions is this...

    There is a weekly or daily 1 hr TV special on what he is doing or what he wants to say.

    Then there is a corresponding website for the real hardcore fans, that can get the unedited version of what he said/done.

    An open web version for those who wants to track the Key Performance Indexes in his reform efforts.

    I also doubt very much he will want to actively recruit those from HKBN.

    But of course, if there are those who WANTS to jump voluntarily jump. I am sure Ricky will not stop them.

    It will be a merry band of Jedi Knights.

  4. 同意你嘅講法,Pakman

  5. 好悶,自以為好有創意既講得咁悶即系惦,香港歡貧唯一最惦系搵到間o岩既廣告公司。

  6. watch ATV now!

    Wong has resigned!

  7. 王維基 辭職 ATV News

  8. end of days of ATV