Monday, December 08, 2008

Where's my bailout?

Now... This is the kinda content I would love to create.

Conclusion... 2000 Tech companies, unlike 2008 auto/finance companies, didn't screw up enough.


  1. Let me guess, will oil companies in the States beg for a bailout soon?

    May be the oil price couldn't pick up or maybe Obama killed the gasoline cars?

    I remember there was a documentary titled 'who killed electric cars' (or something along that line, disclaimer I haven't watched this yet). It was said that the oil 'black money' network killed the electric car, the fact is nothing fancy really to turn few round things with an electric motor and battery.

    I bet Obama won't be able to stand up against these oil/auto lobbyists very long.

  2. hahahaha

    Before the oil companies (their cash cushion is huge), media companies will be in trouble first.

    Lets see if the media companies gets bailed out.