Thursday, December 11, 2008

亞視 is for real...

While those who don't, thinks Ricky Wong's answers are ramblings... Those who do know, I can bet will think that his thinking is crystal concerning ATV.

The videos below are their Employee briefing by management held on 9th Dec 2008.

Its a must Watch.

Both the CEO and the Chairman, are selling the employees a vision. I don't know what kind of people, or at least the people with what kind of characteristics would be attracted to work at ATV in the past... Hence what kind of talent/attitude profile exists in ATV right now... But would the employees buy it?

Part 1 of 7...

Part 2 of 7...

Part 3 of 7...

Part 4 of 7...

Part 5 of 7...

Part 6 of 7...

Part 7 of 7...

I ask again... Who in ATV right now, still has a beating heart that wants to fight the good fight?

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple Inc in the 90s... There were those who would burn the midnight oil at the company to stay with him round the clock to make and push new products...

Do these people exists in ATV?

It could be indicative, that at the 2m45s of part 7, an employee stood up and asked, "Ricky, I buy this crap you are selling. I ask not what the company can do for me, I ask what I can do for my company."

Good Luck.


  1. 這是我們認識的王維基...

  2. Great stuff. really looking forward to the "change" of ATV.
    Thanks for the share.

  3. He's doing this openly which is a 'must have' step. He opens to all in ATV 4 boxes for change management, i.e. Champions, Followers, Cynics and Victims. All employees are free to choose.

    This is the only way to go to turn a company round, read 'Who says Elephants Can't Dance' and 'The Icon - Steve Jobs' you'll agree with Mr Wong.

    TVB is 40+ years old now, they'll need one of these changes in due course it's just a matter of time.

  4. "This video has been removed..."

    Pakman, pls do sth. Thanks!

  5. dammit...

    Should have downloaded it...

    I don't have a copy.

  6. did anyone download video and want to share?

  7. I am actually kinda disappointed with ATV and Ricky Wong with their removal of those videos.

    I really thought this was change.

    Real change we can believe in.

    Both Linus Cheung and Ricky Wong made extremely coherent argument for their vision.

    You know what?

    Perhaps by removing the videos, they removed their best recruitment tool for new talent.

  8. It is interesting to see how two telecom CEOs join force to change ATV. Cheung is from a prestigous monopoly telecom company. Wong creates his own telecom enterprise.

    though the change will be radical, i believe it is necessary for ATV to survive in the long run.

  9. yes, they really missed the chance to recruit newbies whom agree with Linus and Ricky's vision.

    and also damn myself for not download these 7 video clips.


  11. HKATV re-post clips at new links

  12. Yes. Its been reposted.

    After direct intervention from Ricky Wong.

    This change thing really is for real.

    It really is change we can believe in.

  13. i think the clip will be at pay per view! ha!ha!

  14. It doesn't work! Do sth.