Saturday, August 09, 2008

Silver blood bath

An epic bloodbath for 白銀戰隊成員 There are no other way to describe how crap it is tonight.

So many brothers on margin got pushed out of their positions.

Broke through its 200 day moving average.

Resting on the first serious support of the previous highs.

I am wanting to see the trading positions on COMEX. I suspect nearly all long speculators got wiped out on this one. Dare I call a bottom right here.


  1. 孫柏文都未講世界爆發嘅通脹危機,令各地嘅有錢佬各出奇謀,去保護自己手上資產嘅購買力。所以有錢繼續買,一定冇後悔。作為白銀戰隊隊長「白銀文」...






  2. hahahahha

    Have I ever tried to dodge?

    Surely you are a new reader to my column.

    hor hor hor

    Yes, I have borne responsibility for a lot of 'temporary unrealized' predictions before.

  3. will u keep buying advice @ USD15 then ?

  4. Silver is same as GOLD. Everyone SHOULD NOT USE MARGIN to buy or hold SILVER & GOLD because one BIG SWING UP & DOWN will WIPE OUT your position TOTALLY...Remember, PPT is AT WORK & DO NOT WANT THESE TO GO UP, THEY WANT TO TANK IT DOWN ONCE IT GOT TO A CERTAIN HIGH'S !!!

  5. Excerpt from JS Mineset -, Suggest everyone reads it before Trading GOLD & SILVER...The True Voice of Precious Metals...
    Ask Yourself the Following Questions !!!
    1. Are US banks more trustworthy today than they were on Monday?

    2. Are you aware of a new problem called Auction Rate Bonds which are estimated at between $400 to $500 Billion? The Fed will have to pony this money up as the problem is focused on just those institutions that are already at the Fed Begging Bowl window. Logically, if they are borrowing to retain wiggling room, it is simple logic to understand the new problem is very much the Fed’s problem, which in turn is another problem for your kids to bear.

    3. Do you really believe that because technicals are presently supporting the dollar it will regain its prior position as the universal Reserve Currency of choice?

    4. Do you really believe that your retirement funds will regain the value that has been stripped away by all forms of Securitized Investment Vehicles?

    5. Do you really believe that there is such a thing as global demand destruction in the energy sector as Asia keeps ticking at high economic levels?

    6. Do you really believe that after the Olympics are over that China will collapse?

    7. Do you really believe that Europe's economic situation will be more severe that the USA's? Have you noted that the USA had a rather good head start towards a severe recession?

    8. Do you really believe that any currency is a better storehouse of value than gold?

    9. Do you really believe that all the OTC derivative problems are now behind us?

    10. Do you really believe that the credit market is loosening up enough to benefit credit-starved businesses?

    11. Do you really believe that the public entities whose entire business involves insuring the value of debt instruments can really make good as bankruptcies increase?

    12. Do you really believe that present inflation is demand driven?

    13. Do you not know that the price increases now being witnessed are a product of monetary inflation for which increased interest rates render no effect?

    14. Do you not know that the ECB’s action of leaving rates unchanged favors the euro over the dollar?

    15. Do you really believe that the next move of rates in the US is up?

    16. Do you really believe that all those central banks seeking to diversify out of the US dollar have changed their minds?

    17. Do you feel certain that Israel will permit Iran to reach that point where a push of a button can incinerate its citizens?

    18. Are you sure that Pakistan holds no challenge to life as we know it on this planet?

    If the answer to all the above is yes then buy some cheap financials, sell all your non-dollar currencies and go long the good old greenback.

    If you do not accept all the above as reality then be calm. As long as you are not on margin you have no problem.