Tuesday, August 26, 2008

無間道 vs 無間道

A Clinton delegate at the Democratic Party convention held in Denver.

The consequence of her action as described by a partisan.

But from which side is this partisan?


  1. had u been following the DNC? If only H. Clinton behaved the same as she's in the primary! uau...

  2. Watch her speech on youtube.

    Amazing. I cried (no I shit you not) when she talked about 'keep going'.

    Shit. Very powerful stuff.

    How come we don't have that in Hong Kong???

  3. hm let's skip ur tears part ... dun wanna change ur name to SPs :p

    Really admire her strong presence and persuasiveness, esp when she doesn't believe half the words she said...

    i am so tempted to write a mock up speech for a fake candidate that I would find electable!!! Kimura Takuya for HK!! CHANGE!!!