Monday, October 13, 2008


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  1. Patman,

    Have you heard the news of 500 billion bailout fund by HKSAR government? I think the free market capitalists are planning to get rid of the public hospitals and schools in Hong Kong, and replace them with MMF (Mandatory Medical Fund) and school vouchers.

    The single biggest obstacles for banks and insurance companies to sell private health insurance and funds is the public medical care provided by our government. If banks and insurance companies blackmail government into transferring 500 billion dollars of their debt to the public domain, they will bankrupt the government and effectively remove public spending such as public medicare and schools and become ultra profitable in the next boom.

    These people are the sickest, aren't they? Profit with their reckless manipulation of the market, and get the public to clean their mess. Then repay the public by privatizing public services, and make more profits.