Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just bought stock at 3:55pm

Just bought 理文造紙 (2314) @ HK$2.18

理文 and 玖龍 (2689) are both priced for bankruptcy. Where they cannot roll over their loans.

Now... I am not surprised if they are completely screwed. But hard to accept that not even one will survive (through divine/govt/states-bank/private-equity intervention)...

And as a betting man, I won't take a punt on 玖龍, whose CEO publicly opposed 勞動法 the Labour Law in China late last year.

So... 理文 remains. Also it has a press conference today at 500pm. I am sure they will to address their debt/liquidity issue.

If not SELL SELL SELL on Monday hor hor hor


  1. 隊長!!!


  2. i saw that...

    It seems the government will be selling a lot of silver real soon...

  3. sell ur 2314 and buy silver then


    i am using another approach to buy stocks now ... buy those with a lot of cash ... like 135 ... dunno if it works out ...