Monday, October 27, 2008

So close to buying time...

As a perma bear... It feels weird when there is a whole lot of people more pessimistic than I.

Really strange.

But let this dramatic ending occur.

Lets be ready.


  1. 點先知道ending到呀?我驚最後字幕寫"請看下回分解"喎

  2. i used to be a pro-bear too ever since 2006. back then, people used to say "軟著陸" , and i tell them "遠著陸".

    but i feel like close to ending too, cuz there's just no other asset class left to lead a further drop. first was US housing, then derivatives, then stocks, then commodities, and now currencies.

  3. the darkest moment before the dawn?

    i hope it wun last too long as well ~

  4. let's get ready:)

    when all the bulls become bears, it is time to get in. because they have sold all they could have sold by then.

    then it would probably be the good time when the $700bn start to work (too bad they were wasted too early, for no reason) or the singapore/china/etc sovereign to enter -- not to save the market, just to profit from it, like the HK gov 歪打正着 in 1998.