Thursday, October 09, 2008

最後一著... 求神來一次 Divine Intervention

全球減息究竟 work 唔 work?

我只可以話,記得 MC HAMMER 既朋友...

"...We need to pray, just to make it today..."


  1. 水警西貢檢獲四百萬元走私白銀
    09.10.2008 13:04

    水警在西貢檢獲五十一件共重1.2 公噸懷疑走私銀磚,市值約四百萬元,無人被捕。今日凌晨,水警在西貢糧船灣,發現有人從一輛客貨車上搬運一批銀磚到兩艘快艇,於是採取行動。警方表示,走私銀磚案件已經沉寂一段時間,今次是三年來首次再破獲白銀走私 。


  2. 09.10.2008 13:04

    水警在西貢檢獲五十一件共重1.2 公噸懷疑走私銀磚,市值約四百萬元,無人被捕。今日凌晨,水警在西貢糧船灣,發現有人從一輛客貨車上搬運一批銀磚到兩艘快艇,於是採取行動。警方表示,走私銀磚案件已經沉寂一段時間,今次是三年來首次再破獲白銀走私 。

    肥仔, 小小地認咗佢.

  3. haha ... seems that our mainland China comrades are involved in pushing up physical silver price ... they seem having better source than us ...

    They are smuggling silver ... not gold ... interesting ...

  4. seeing all the world leaders in the press cons about fighting against the same enemy, this actually reminded me of will smith's independence day.

    with the fed bring down another 0.5pct, and 3-months LIBOR unchanged, that actually give us a TED-Spread of 4.11!!! this is like an old fart who has already taken 2 little blue pills and then another cialis, but still no effect..... the slight rebound today seem more like a dead cat to me.....

  5. wrote about the silver smugglers.

    Also... Am looking at the TED spread.

    The lowering of the interest rates seems to have no effect of 3 month T bill. TED spread is dangerously high.

    There seems to be nothing that works.

  6. 唔知可唔可以向警方買那"1.2 公噸懷疑走私銀磚," 呢?

    現在, 我在香港再搵唔到souce買白銀了. 我買開的店好久都沒有貨了......

  7. 係都走私黃金,死x



  8. It will have short-term effect. In the long-run. The bubble still exist. If you do not let it burst, it will burst eventually. But, i think the whole world is in better shape than the United States. The reason for it is because the world lost confidence to United States. No matter how low the interest rate, it doesnt matter. But in Hong Kong, cut interest rate is very rare to happen. Remember the first time United States cutted interest rate in 2007? The stock boomed. But it only created bubbles. In order for a healthy economy to work. We must let the free market to function, not the government pump in more bubble. Google search Peter Schiff =)

  9. Dow 8,674.36 -583.74 (-6.31%)

    Nothing can help anymore

  10. people's safe haven HSBC is down more than 7% on Dow today.

    i was thinking, just a crazy wild guess without any support, what if they announce a decrease in dividend for Q3.....

  11. just an update, TED Spread at 4.23!!!

    this is no longer a financial tsunami, this is a test of faith in the religion of capitalism...


    Watch this!