Friday, October 03, 2008

A must see video for those who wants to get a feel of the foreclosure crisis.

This video must be watched by those who wants to see and feel what is going on in the epicentre of the Foreclosure crisis. About 11 mins long.

For those of you who thinks, "A lot of money lent to Americans... Where did it all go?"

Well. The houses are one thing. But when the banks or financial institution that are foreclosing, needs to clean out the house of everything, a 'trash out' occurs. That is when all things left behind by owners are thrown out into the Land fill.

Functioning products (probably made in China) are going to the land fill as rubbish. Value TOTALLY destroyed.

The money lent to Americans? Into Landfills. So stop saying, "the money must have gone to someone." It didn't. It is now buried into the soil.


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  2. oh zillow.

    the website that tracks a thousand broken dreams of home ownership...

    but how many houses in the years before...

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  4. Well, 由 Foreclosure Island 去 LA downtown 返工, 開車起碼 2 - 3 hrs.
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  5. Yo L,

    Two things.

    1. HELOC. Home Equity Line of Credit. The fabled housing ATM.

    People have been taking out second loans. Ask HSBC.

    So how's the household balance sheets in area's such as LA? Healthy?

    2. Yes, according to the Case Shiller index, current house prices means houses bought before 1st of Jan 2004 is "in the money".

    But its "current prices". Is the fall going to continue? What do you think L? What do you think?

    hor hor hor

  6. I am living in LA and I am waiting for a right timing to buy one.

    Actually, the price is base on the which area you choose. If I am going to pay 10% down payment. I can buy a 2 level 3 bed rooms with back yard and the monthly payment is equal to the rental price of my current single room. And I know many people here looking for change from rental to become a owner.

  7. L my friend,

    You sound like the people of Hong Kong circa 1999.

    "Rental Yield will justyify house prices" or "cheaper to buy than to rent"

    Go put your money where your mouth is.

    And leave a comment when you do buy, so we can track your house price performance.

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