Monday, November 05, 2007

The rhetorics heats up concerning the bet between Leona and I...

Well, in my previous post. I have clarified the ground rules concerning the bet between Leona and I.

I am simply betting that Leona will lose money on applying for Alibaba's IPO.

Anyhow... A lot of you have left comments... One left by "dc" I think captures the sentiment.

dc said...

"...說穿了﹐正如其他人所講﹐Pakman一開始已是取巧 - 他bet的是"抽簽抽中買到阿里爸爸"﹐好似買六合彩0甘(當然或然率不同﹐但0甘多人抽相對而言小散戶如Leona抽中機會當然不高)﹐不是他前文所提 "阿里爸爸IPO時入貨買入"﹐擺明佔Leona便宜,有心算無心﹐否則老練滑頭如老孫豈會在自己地頭劃下道兒?

十拿九穩的賭博﹐我是Pakman的話也會這樣耀武揚威﹐不然賭來幹麼? lol

可苦了我們可能無得睇Leona個blog一個禮拜 :( ..."


There is a couple of things I think I need to further clarify.

1. 取巧?

Which part of 打死唔抽阿里巴巴 is 取巧?

打死? 唔抽? Which part?

How much clearer do I have to make it to you dc? hahahahhahaha

Seriously. hahahahahah

An IPO application has costs.

Even if you fill in a white form (which Leona didn't, she clicked clicked clicked her way to application fees), there are still your time needed to fill it in.

Anyhow, the odds of getting shares (500 only too per lot may I add) I doubt very much was worth getting those shares. Perhaps on listing day, QDII will buy all those Alibaba shares from you all. ho ho ho

2. See... You all don't understand. If you have met Leona, you would know she is very very hot, I know dc thinks that Leona is hot hot hot.

Now, just to dispel rumours that I go easy on Hot Chicks that is stricken momentarily with hard plastic, I believe this bet with Leona does it.

If you think this is an attempt to bully anyone... Well, I am sure Leona is not this girl.

3. Also, as for "阿里爸爸IPO時入貨買入". I don't think I have ever written those words. Please check check for me.

4. Finally, why am I so insistent in pursuing this bet. And see Leona's outcome when she goes through Alibaba's IPO?


The evidence of her pissing.

So therefore, to s tsui et al. If Leona can't stand the heat, she should stop pissing in other's blog.

My day job. Is partly to recommend actions to my readers. Thats what I get paid for to do. I take it extremely seriously.

If you think going contrary to my beliefs are very profitable, thats fine. But if you come to my blog and shove my face in it. Well, I think you are absolutely fair game... I am sure even s tsui will agree. Right s tsui? Simple decorum is surely not beyond your ilk.

So let's bet! hahahahhaah

One last time... 打死唔抽阿里巴巴 woot woot!


Now. I am praying very hard for her not getting any shares hahahahahha
I'm pretty much screwed if she does.


  1. Pakman,

    First of all, I would really like to apologize if you think I am pissing in your blog - not intended to do so and don't want to do so.

    While I thought the "bet" is something casual between you and Leona, it turns out you are taking it extremely seriously - serious to an extend that you are putting your reputation and everything onto this bet- which I don't expect.

    IMHO, and maybe I have a wrong understanding on your previous article, your analysis is based on the crazy fact that Alibaba's IPO is unreasonable due to the "Alibaba's Paradox". I totally agree with you on this, don't get me wrong, but given the crazy market nowadays where almost any Chinese IPO in the past few months will go up without any fundamental reason behind it at all, I believe(should say guess) that the price will go up when it goes IPO.

    That's why when the bet is up, I simply thought the bet is, "Pakman thinks that Alibaba, when it IPO, the price will drop on the first day due to the "Alibaba's Paradox", while Leona's bet is simply "The price on the first day will go up, and there will be profit after covering all the application cost+ time spended to apply etc". Just simple as that.

    But then later on the bet somehow evolved and a condition "Leona is considered lost even if she is not getting any stock" is included, which, again, based on my understanding, changed the ground of the simple bet you guys have at the beginning. That's why under those circumstances, I thought you are actually betting on the probablity of getting the "physical" stock, instead of your original idea "Alibaba is not a stock worth to get on IPO based on its current situation and the way they are doing the IPO (using old stock)", the stock does not have that VALUE, not to mention there is other cost such as application fees" . That's what I meant by "取巧". Again, if that's not your intention, or that's my misunderstanding, my apology.

    Well, I didn't meet Leona in person yet (not as lucky as you Pakman :P), so I don't know if she is really really hot hot you make me want to meet her in person more hehehehe...

    Again, I have absolutely no intention to offend you in any way, I am just a nobody/bystander who just throws out my 2 cents on what I thought is casual. Now I would really need to have second thoughts on leaving comments on others blogs, or simply be a read-only-CD rom.

    Anyways, there are more variables now in the market, so let's see who is going to win..while I just shut up and watch. :)

    Good luck both.

  2. Yo dc.

    Not angry at all and I don't even think you have "pissed" in my blog.


    But Leona certainly has.

    To be honest. It is not even the PE ratio of Alibaba that turned me off.

    But still, every tom, dick and 師奶 filed their forms. Which of course includes Leona.

    I am fine with people coming to piss in my blog. I guess thats what used to be called 踢館... But hey, when I come back an issue a bet, please oh please have some class and take it.

    And not squirm.

  3. 其實leona 開出嚟條件十分 膠。



  4. 大佬,暗盤升近一倍呀。借一億孖展抽,即時賺幾百萬落袋呀。你一年都未必搵到的薪金。

    你取巧贏左 leona咁又點,但你篇文章真係衰左嘛。投機最重要是賺錢,你不能善用今次良機教大家點賺錢已經衰左。

  5. 仲有,抽 IPO 是有 skill的。這個 skill 除了分析公司本身的 FA 外,還要考慮融資金額,包銷商、股票種類、市場氣氛、息率、基金配售額等等。


    有人在過去兩年內,只用 50 萬本金,剩係抽 IPO,無風無浪已經每年賺 100 萬回來。