Tuesday, March 27, 2007



始終X-Series推出不久,如果下次報告嘅上客量好差,就等如X-Series冇用,而因為X-Series已經係最終極嘅收費模式, X-Series救唔到3,就真係冇嘢救到,執咗佢算。我建議大家繼續持有和黃,到下次中期業績出街時再作決定。


  1. Dear 孫兄,

    this is Albert again,last week I read newspaper,know that Hitchison is planning to issue bond to save Austrlaia 3G.I also wish 3 can introduce X-series plan to Australia,because it will make a revolution of the wireless internet service plan.In Aus,Vodafone and Telstra are still providing wireless internet service with download limit.If X-series introduced,I beleive 3 Australia will get a large market share no matter in mobile phone or wireless internet service.Although larget market share doesn't mean profitable,it is a necessary step to do so.

  2. Some additional information

    All broadband(non business) in Aus usually has download limit and very expensive...damn,the fastest one is ADSL 2+,just like HKBN bb25

    Now 3Australia is providing AUD49/month with 1Gb downdload limit,HSDPA

    If X-Series mode introduce to Aus,I beleive 3 can attract people to use wirless internet rather than fix line broadband.

  3. oh,forget to say 祝工作愉快

    Best regards


  4. Hey Albert,

    When I went to Australia for a vacation back in 02, that was the very first time I felt I was literally falling off the edge of the world.

    Thats where Australia is, the internet connection was slow and very expensive.

    It was the first time that I felt that instead of being in the internet, I was plugging into.

    Anyhow, there really are no cash need by hutchison. They do have plenty of cash.

    Lets keep an eye on subscriber rates. That X series is picking up slower than I have hoped.