Friday, March 02, 2007

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  1. Gold & Silver price drop since Thursday. Do U still beleive those metal price will rise very soon? Is it a good time to buy it now? Or wait until it rise up higher than last year? #358's P.E is low. Is it stable during this period?
    Your sincerely

  2. u didn't really read his posts, what he suggest is a very long term target (10 yrs)

    pakman does post some articals about 358, find it yourself

  3. SORRY! I think "anonymous" are misunderstand my message (hope Pakman not). Refer to Pakman's post on 24 &26 Feb. He state that both gold & silver will have another massive rise very soon, and told us to ride the short term....
    I have enough "long term" stock at the moment. However, I would like to ride the short term train.... So, I ask Pakman about short term trend of Metals & #358 which he mentioned before.

  4. both anons...

    They are shaking out the weak hands again.. both In gold and silver...

    Silver in fact is very close to a buy again.

    My read on copper is that it HAS to get back above its 200 day moving average.

    Once copper pops over the 200 DMA, then yes, every single penny into 358 call warrants for a fast, short but very violent move up.

    For short (esp leveraged) trades on gold and silver, they have to get back up and exceed last year's highs. Not going to happen until the next round of subprime lending defaults in America.

    Lets see what HSBC says for its results announcement.


  5. Dear Pakman,

    Thanks for your valuable advise.


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