Monday, March 12, 2007

No 金手指 for a week

Dear all,

I will be off work this week. Will still be online and might blog. But no daily goldfinger from Apple Daily.

Thanks all!

PS might be heading to Macau... umm... will be doing some grand eating.. food, I am talking about of course. hehe


  1. Have a nice trip! Don't forget to check the business and investment of casino in there...(such as #27, #242, #959...)HA HA

    Or maybe you can get some bouns from there (only if you put the bet...)HA HA HA HA

    But, do not go to any "Firework Place"


  2. "Firework Place"... hhahahaha nice...

    Darling Sauna?


  3. 嘿嘿
    食多 d 啦

    不如影 d 你既食相黎睇丫

  4. 嘆o下,都好!

    Don't bother to update the blog..."relax" man!

    P.S: "" <- no special meaning hahaha

  5. I have enrolled into a diet plan.

    So it will be shitty food from now till I have like a six pack hahahha

    also, my N93 is fucked. Again.

    The camera refuses to focus. Need to get it fixed.

    And the real reason I am taking the week off is I am writing new material for a book.

    Hopefully can get it finished by the end of this week.

    Thanks all!

    PS Sonia, is it really true you bought a watch for Ja Goo?

  6. Dear Shuen,
    No, I didn't.
    hei hei
    He loves daydreaming and apparently he tends to manipulate things in real in order to fit the themes of his dreams.

    The enjoyment he got from manipulating the image of mine diminishes every time you visit my blog and communicate with me swimmingly.