Saturday, September 08, 2007

07澳門賭場 vs 97 dot com




對上一次我感受到呢種瘋狂投資,就係90年代尾嘅dot com科網股熱潮。當年,花旗國Yahoo!仲未上市,不過如果你去佢嘅網站登記,就會送一股Yahoo! 畀你。經過上市、股份多次分拆之後,嗰股Yahoo!到今時今日已經值4500港元。

今時今日喺澳門,只要你肯喺碼頭轉車,而出發同你想去嘅地方都有酒店,根本毋須要車資。肚餓又有叉燒飯。07澳門賭場就係97嘅花旗國 dot com。


  1. Do you think it is that much of a bubble? Macau has already surpassed Las Vegas as the #1 gambling market. It is the arguably the only place to go for mainlanders to legally gamble. If you build it, they will come.

    BTW, I don't think Yahoo gave away stock back then. It was Travelzoo. I remember signing up and got 3 shares. But I probably signed up with my now expired school e-mail account, and the shares are now probably forfeited due to my inaction.

  2. What I mean is, the fundamentals are there -- you've got real cash flowing into Macau. Wheres during the dot-bomb all a lot of those companies had was puffed-up, unsubstantial ideas.

    BTW, another embarassment... I'm going into deep depression...

  3. Yahoo gave away stock.

    One share per account.

    That was before Netscape went public.

    And I cannot believe we lost so big to Oregon! We are now UNRANKED