Monday, September 10, 2007


禮拜六,孫柏文睇《蘋果日報》財經版頭條新聞,見到政府宣佈增持港交所(388) 股份。我想問:「曾特首、曾司長,為乜呀呀呀?」

講控制權。都唔講現有法例規範,政府已經有權去揀港交所董事局過半數董事,即係已經有完全控制權。根本唔 可以話為控制權入股港交所。所以再問,為乜入股呀?

講為投資回報。政府為提高投資回報率,賣花旗國債券買股票,此舉我可以同情。不過,絕對唔好買港交所呢 啲盈利非常倚賴政策嘅企業。為咗谷高盈利,令政府回報增加,令官員好睇啲,政府就會有龐大誘因去利益輸送,從中一定有人犧牲。第時,如果又有華資股票行喊 晒口話好慘,大家知點解。所以再問,為乜入股呀?

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  1. 香港市場之兩大重要支柱, 一是低稅率, 二是積極不干預. 近日, 市場已夠動盪, 曾司長之做法, 有如火上加油, 亦令香港市場形象受損.

    同時, 政府入市之原因為何? 九八年政府救市, 出師有名, 今趟就莫名其妙.

    一眾股民或多或少會被政府舉動影響, 而put 了港交所的人士更是欲哭無淚.

    總之, 失望.

  2. The rule of the game has now completely changed. It is no longer a fair game. I feel sorry for the people who short-sell in the market as they, for sure, didn't see it coming. (Why should they? The Government is not supposed to intervene the market)
    Mr Tsang thinks he is doing a smart thing but the consequence can be catastrophic. Investors would not see Hong Kong as a Free Trading Market anymore . Talking about being one of the World Major Financial Centres like London and New York, I think the officials in Hong Kong has a lot to learn from the western world.
    One more thing I want to add is, as a taxpayer, I really hate to see my government is using our money buying stocks. Whether win or lose, investing in high volatility market is not the way to put away the taxpayers' hard-earned money.
    And for that, I officially announce I have lost my confidence in this government,

  3. Hi Pakman, I wonder that why the price of GOLD pop up but SILVER didnot? Any trap you find out?

  4. Dear Wongchoi + layman,

    No one knows what happens on the long run. But REAL statesman have this internal instinct, that drives them to do the right thing.

    Donald Tsang is very good at making decisions for exceptional gains on the short term. Damn the unintentional consequences.

    Also, long term consequences is so easily dismissed by a wave of the hand and saying "on the long run we are all dead" Chevalier.

  5. Dear 崎,

    I am waiting for the last Battle of the Bulge type defence by the paper money mafia...

    80 USD index will probably hold with one last attack on gold, silver, oil, equities...

    That is when the silver rally will start I think

  6. 政府不應干預自由經濟發展...BUT both the Government in China & HK will not listen to us. What can we do?

  7. Anyone believe that 曾俊華司長 can make this decision himeself ?

  8. Dear winvi,

    "Anyone believe that 曾俊華司長 can make this decision himeself ?"

    Spot on!