Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thankyou all. Its like getting a good hug.

Thanks all for your birthday wishes in the previous entry for me.

Yes, I turned 30 on the 30th. Went abroad for a few days. When I came back I saw your messages.

Man... I am touched. You kids are kind. I love you all.

Below are my responses to you all. = )


To 學霖山莊,

Thanks man!

To 肥金.

I hope I can some day 溝女成功 hahahaha

To cinnamon,

獅子山下,,, yes... 共鳴


Also, great intense relationship has a tendency to include tears. Perhaps I am wishing for women who likes less intense relations. = )

To pulp...


Silver yes!


hahahaha some day if I run again! I don;t know how much support odes free market candidate get. But will try someday to offer another choice to my fellow hong kong yan


hahahah... not much 推介


She is good! curious as hell. Nothing sexier than curiosity

To Carla,

I can feel that you are also a person of blood and flesh who throws herself into a relationship,

for there is no other way = )

I wish for you never to be in a relationship where you can't think of a reason ever to cry.

We have lives to live!

To Albert,

we shall all 互勉相勉勵, Thats the only way forward.

AND i promise I will 篤 Harder!

To Charles,

Charlie my man. Hei Hei was a good club. I always had a good laugh there, for I get to meet folks like you.

me and u same day of the same year as birthdays. How was your celebration?

As for stock options... don't worry... I got a friend who was a paper millionaire 3 times and still practically broke because of lock up. hahahha but goo experience or what!

To tintinbright,

擺脫燈神 is my goal this year =)

To 暗黑的卡夫卡,

My exiled brother. On behalf of Hong Kong.

We shall always look forward to your return. We always will.

To C.M.,

Thanks bro!

To Nelson,

Appreciate it!

To 所長,

Indeed true, harder you sweat, luckier you get...

I love this "一注獨贏買栢文!"

To kwong666,

Me, you and charlie share the same birthday hahaahah

Lets wish all of us a Good birthday!

To 阿懵,

Love it when someone serenades me... I wish I can find quicker my 另一半ho ho ho

Dear Anonymous,
Volatility makes heroes.

We, shall be heroes.

To Wongchoi,


Well, I wish you a happy birthday too! So many snakes here...

Yo 9gel,

Thanks dude. We are 30.

Hey 肥哨,

Thanks man!

I love doing money cafe. It rocks.
However, 曾安遜 is retiring. You can ask the moneycafe blog.


My target is fight club's Brad Pitt physique.

Hey Leona,
Your cat has a good birthday

AngelAmelie said...

You have such wisdom. But I do too sometimes cannot believe how old i look

We are the generation with the worst experience,

yet we are the generation with the greatest promise.

Thankyou for your wishes.

I also hope I shall 脫離「神燈」行列 = )

Yo conway,

Thanks man. Appreciate your kind words

30而立... The responsibility is great.

hey billy,

Thanks man!

I was Very 唔pro.. took a few days off. hahahahhaha

To 大許Eric,

30. No longer young and naive. At least not suppose to be... I feel you my man.

And thanks for your kind wishes

To pulp (again)

hahhaahha silver threw me a party.

With Bernanke and Bush's help of course.

Dear Kenka,

Thanks my friend. I really appreciate that someone like you would care enough to leave me a spirit raising message. you rock!

Yo Karen (Sze) said...



You rock!


People who cares about you is what makes live worth living. = )

Once again. Thank you all!

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