Monday, January 21, 2008

What ARE they selling here?

There is a song selling a certain idea to the people of Hong Kong...

Here are opening lyrics 歌詞.

跌跌碰碰的旅程 爭取可見將來
與您同步心聲緊扣 生命呼應
滿有鬥志的過程 熱力搖動歌聲
全城凝聚皆精英 攜手意志高升
縱有困阻都可變力量 完全溶入笑容去奔往
朝著理想新方向 抱著信念創造理想

Now... Guess what they are trying to sell.

I personally guessed they were a saving plan of some sort. I mean 爭取可見將來 must be talking about early and secure retirement of some sort.

跌跌碰碰的旅程 is a not so oblique reference to the recent volatility in the stock market.

與您同步心聲緊扣 生命呼應... umm... a saving plan with a medical angle?

滿有鬥志的過程 熱力搖動歌聲
全城凝聚皆精英 攜手意志高升... Oh no... Not just a savings plan, but one done by the government, that will be like MPF probably mandatory... All that sovietesque attitude of assuming NO OPPOSITION in this desire.

縱有困阻都可變力量... A government mandated medical savings plan will obviously face some opposition. And any 困阻 will transform into more 力量 from entrenched interest to increase medical spending arbitrarily...

完全溶入笑容去奔往... Yes, no matter how fierce the opposition, officials will keep smiling.

朝著理想新方向 抱著信念創造理想... The all encompassing call from government every time they push some hard plastic policy.

But holy crap.

This song is selling something I WANT TOO!!!

Here's the rest of the lyrics...

2012 (we are ready) 願見普選從這天開始
2012 (we are ready) 下定決心團結在目前
全城盡努力 尋回現在那失去歷史
人人齊投入, 信心皆一致 We are ready
再次再盼的訴求 普選期望到來
全城嘹亮的歌聲 唱出盛放色彩 (this line is nauseatingly generic... typical fare I thought only capable from 土共)
你我進取牽手結伴行 完全溶入笑容去奔往 (another nauseatingly generic line)
遙望這天空海闊 努力創造遠大理想 (hopelessly nauseating aaarrggghhh)

Well... This is what I think. Inspiring the public go to a certain place, IS NOT telling the public how tough or great the road will be.

But how great the DESTINATION will be. I mean Moses told the slaves there will be a land of milk and honey at the end of that long trek.

And not "follow me and let me show you how I will part the red sea" hahahahhaha

It is especially worrying that this song never addresses any of the genuine fears people (土共 sympathizers) have about democracy or elections. Have to address them in order to win them over.

I know. I know. I am feeling guilty. For at least they have made a good try, while I just sit on the side line being snarky.


  1. Great video and great effort. There are some wacky videos on YouTube about the impending doom of the human kind in 2012 and somehow this got lumped into those as Related Videos. I see a lot of seemingly unrelated comments on this video.

  2. Great video and great effort indeed.

    Too bad about its effectiveness.

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