Saturday, January 06, 2007

Me, My N93, Simon and his new iPod

Well, we all know how iPod conquered the world and REALLY exposed how the Singaporean firm Creative Technology really dropped the ball on the mp3 player.

Ok, so did Sony et al.

But lets face it, Apple cracked the code on mp3 players. Which is when a user is faced with a bazillion songs or data measured in gigabytes, how the hell is the user going to have the easiest way of finding the wanted data.

When user's demand of instant gratification are measured in nano seconds, how can they manage the data most efficiently and quickly? And for those who says "Yes, but Sony has better sound quality!" all I can say is who cares when they are playing mp3s.. MP3s!!! yes even if it is 192b version...

Anyhow, this is Simon (a new iPod user) rates and comments on the iPod. And the voice you can hear interjecting his review is mine (yes, I am aware about how the iPod causes a lot of hearing problems, and notice how he doesn't respond to that... maybe hearing damaged?). hahahahaha

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