Saturday, January 06, 2007

Me and my N93

I have said before that I really really really wanted a Nokia N93 to film stuff... Yes I got one!

And I have said that I do like to go to the club formerly known as 348, now called F-1...

Now if you merge the two urges together...

This is the result. Yes... the squealing? thats me with excitement... hahahha

First thing first... my favourite part of the video is from 1m02sec till 1m14sec. But what is the guy doing!??! Why is his hand on her back... I was like put it on her ASS... HER ASS!!!!! 唔好摸背隻啦!楂屎忽啊!屎忽啊!!! hahahahahahah

The thing is... notice the girl on the left, between 1m56s and 2m01s... watch the way she rapidly oscillates her butt. Now imagine how applicable that is with her on top ho ho ho...

Also, with these kind of music, arms waving like the dude simply looks weird (towards the end of the video). I feel bad for the male dancer... Obviously well trained in the art of professional dancing. But if whatever dances he knows is like Wushu competition, when he has been plunged into an ugly free-for-all street brawl... Kinda like university debates vs public advocacy.

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