Saturday, January 13, 2007

Phone update...


I have bought a new phone, because I have lost my recently purchased new one (my original phone is like 3 years old and it was an "out" model already when I purchased it).

Before I reveal the model/make.

I would like to thank everyone of you that helped my mental process in choosing by leaving comments!

Anyhow, I wrote down a list of needs.

1. I have to get a phone NOW. Because my old old phone is fucked. I mean likely totally fucked. The screen will black out and that means I only know whether I dialed the correct number by listening to the phone pad tone and whether the right person picked up the phone (retro I know).

This requirement struck out the Apple iPhone because I sincerely have no idea when they will launch in HK and whcih phone operators will cooperate fully with Apple to make the phone's functional fully usable.

2. I want to take videos, high resolution videos. So that struck out the retro "water bottle" phones. I really wanted one of those because at the very least, it would have served as a nice ice-breaker in any clubs I go to = ) This eliminated those HK$350 phones that 3rd world farmers use to check latest agricultural product prices...

3. I want a new phone. I don't want a second hand one, as I have no idea how the previous owner treated the phone (I really do think phones should be approached like cars in purchases, at least it is easier to detect whether a car has been in an accident as vs whether a phone has been dropped in the toilet). This requirement makes Apple's iPhone an even more remote and unlikely choice, as I can't wait (see requirement 1).

4. I wanted a phone with optical zoom lens. Ok, that requirement struck out practically all phones. Wonder how many phones have optical zoom lens?

So... after considering all of the above requirements, you all probably have guessed which phone I got...

Yes, I went and bought ANOTHER Nokia N93 ... Sad but true ;)

But hey... I promise I will post MASSIVE amounts of interesting videos online... And do interviews of my subjects... yeah!


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