Sunday, July 15, 2007

Did I lead to his arrest?... no...

Well, the police is taking action on the serial terrorist attacks on New World's Assets.

And the highest profile individual arrested so far is a man named 鬼添.

Apart from his alleged involvement with triads Sun Yee On, he is also an officer at the Thai Boxing Association here in Hong Kong.

Anyhow, according to house he is suppose to have a Master's degree...

Master's degree... umm... it wouldn't be an MBA would it?

If so... Did my musing led to his arrest?


  1. 死喇!

  2. I could be way off here...

    But I suspect he is nicknamed 鬼添 because he always throws out English words. Therefore, 鬼佬添. hahahah

  3. 鬼潻大戰金手指. 嘩, movie title