Friday, July 06, 2007

和黃 good today

"Data business growing well..." Analysts say... hahahhah

All hail X-Series! (here and here)

But I still think Hutchison should kill the "3" brand and go with Wham!Poa!


  1. It's approaching toward your target. We think before the half year result, Hutch may push higher due to they achieve 3G breakeven.

  2. X-Series.

    A product.

    Equity analysts looking at a company's basic products instead of numbers were all wiped out by the dot com bust. Because analysts nowadays ONLY CARES about numbers... evolution...

    It is like the only analyst left looking at companies not only "by numbers" but actual products are the one covering Apple Inc.


  3. Good on you (well done!). Good Analysis

  4. Hi Pak Man,

    Actually, Hutchison 3 in overseas has been very kind. I used a "cap" plan without contract (about $200 HK dollar equivalent) cover all my usage including so IDD and lots of SMS. Vodafone and another local big phone companies are different, there are a lots of hidden traps,e.g. some number header string will charge higher, so as some area farther away (called interstate), SMS are charged separately etc. It ended up about $400 just to cover SMS + some emergency call!!. Also the statement in Hutchison is the clearest - know exactly when, for how long, to which number; while the competitors just show a lump sum amount of each category. So, if 3UK can use her data-service to make the $/user as high as no. 1 now (as I have read a report commenting on this), 3UK has done quite a hard work (given that the basic plan is fairest and therefore cheapest). --a hard earned (and bloody) battle