Monday, July 30, 2007

WaWa and I

Last night, I saw my dark side.

It wasn't pretty. I didn't like it one bit.

I pretty much put out an entry on my blog flaming WaWa with the nastiest things possible.

Because I was seething with rage.

The back ground was she wrote about my encounter with Ms Wong in a way that twisted what really happened.

This is what I thought happened originally...

1. I was asked to possibly host a possible show online talking about stocks.
2. I knew that we can't afford nor should book established commentators as guests.
3. Hence had to book those who were newer and perhaps hungrier.
4. Thought Ms Wong might be such a candidate.
5. Therefore contacted her for lunch
6. Reported this meeting to my superiors.
7. WaWa then asked me whether she could join. I said Yes, thinking she would be writing about her.
8. We had lunch, I was congenial.
9. I only found out she wrote a piece the day before 2hrs before my own deadline.
10. Both pieces published.

It was like being shot at without knowing before hand.
Initial pain in wound.
Then checked the wound and realised it was bleeding pretty bad.
When asking the person why she had to make me bleed, she replied in typical fashion "oh well, it wouldn't hurt if it ain't true"

Which made me really pissed off. Not because it was a bad wound or bad bleeding... But because she had no remorse in not telling me how her piece was going to be written. I never thought I would be in it.

So, I chose to write a pretty classless entry to my blog, as tintinbright so correctly pointed out.. in the process 影衰港男...

After thinking through it during lunch, I came to the conclusion. Let's do the mature thing... I need to go talk to WaWa. So we had a Coeur a Coeur...

Anyhow, the full story is she received an assignment from my superiors to write a piece on the interaction between me and Ms Wong. To make it 八卦 and "fun"...

She thought I knew all along what her assignment was.

To which when I talked to her were, "WHAT?!? Do you think I would have been congenial, if that was true?"

Anyhow, I told her that I don't want to work with her while meeting people if I can't trust her. So I told her that in the future, "please tell me what your assignment is..."

To which she replied, "then you won't drop your guard"

To which I replied, "No, if you don't tell me how far you are going to go, I am going to assume the worst, at least if you tell me how far, and turns out to be acceptable, then I can go a long with it."

So, we reached an agreement, an understanding, between colleagues who has to produce content everyday.

There 2 lessons I learnt here...

1. Always ask a journalist what she/he is going to write before you divulge ANYTHING. Yes, even people in your own paper.

2. When a woman says to a man, "we should talk", it is indeed the most effective way to solve problems. I am a total believer in sitting down for an air clearing meeting.

Perhaps this is how one gets mature...


  1. Pak Man

    No worry.

    Readers of Next media don't trust your media that much, in particular entertainment and side stories like yours. So the paradox is that you were not hurt if we don't believe.

    To me, your case is similar to how Miss Chow was hurt (if you think you were). Cowards and Chickens always hide behind the curtain of Internet and media to derive pleasure through hurting others

  2. hey, don't ever forget that you are working among reporters and journalists! your public profile only makes you all the more interesting as a subject. :)

  3. Ah well...

    What ever was between WaWa and I pales in comparison between me and HSBC.




  4. PacMan

    Give you a 大力丸 and all the ghosts (sorrow and embarrassment) can be swallowed :-)

    Anger Management is what you need.

    你可請教聶風 on 心訣!

    I do not think reader will treat it serious in a gossip column. Sometimes you need a sense of humour to read it. Of course as a 當事人, I can feel your pain. Like 陶傑's column today, if you dont read it with wits and sacarsm. Probably it will end up in 平機會.

    Frankly, to be a successful analyst (and investor too), good EQ and dicipline is essential.

    Lastly, when you say YOUR dialogue is made up, how about 女股神? Is it 設計對白 too ??

  5., not really. maybe you are right by december. who knows?

    you said what you really believe, at least. many so-called analyst recommend stocks after taking bribes.