Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wonder who she is talking about...

An interesting blog post I came about this weekend researching 港女.

Wonder who she is talking about...

My bet is she has a big crush on this guy...

Love and hate my friend, a very thin line. Ho Ho Ho


  1. I think her writing's modest & rational.
    Maybe someone else's inferring too much?


  2. gee, what a big ego

  3. Perhaps... Perhaps I am inferring too much...

    Anyhow, I shall seriously address my feelings on 港女 soon.

    Hope it will also be modest and rational.

  4. yeah...

    I agree... so big ego hahahhaha

  5. PacMan

    You gotta be kidding. My bet is you know the writer. Chances are she work in the Next Media (just my instinct)

    Just a sidenote: 不要影衰港男啊!!

    PS I am jealous that you have dated 女股神, 不要同我爭女!!! :-D

  6. 不要影衰港男啊!!

    <<-- that is certainly a very strong signal

  7. by the way, do not confuse being rational and rationalizing...

    being rational means someone knows the end game and choose her plan accordingly

    rationalizing beings always find excuses for her behavior...

  8. i will bet you everything i have that she does NOT have a big crush on the guy being discussed.

    wanna take on this 港女? ;)

  9. hahahaha dear tintin,

    女股神 is all yours... if you can get her... She is like a velociraptor... Like all good equity sales, she is constantly sizing you up.

    As for the writer, it is leona of the first person who left comments on this blog entry (see first entry)...


    As for ANON in rational vs rationalizing...

    I agree completely. I have again and again stressed that there are no social force stronger and more decisive than Demographics.

    It explains why 港女 feels they way they do. Insecurity. Insecurity drives every phenom associated with 港女. I will elaborate more when I have time, but I am sure you all understand by this.

    That is also why S TSUI does count as a 港女. Because I can attest that no men would feel bored with her. Hence, she is afforded the luxury to be free from insecurity. Right S Tsui? Or should I say Mrs Siu hahahahahah

    Yes, I will take on 港女. But it will be a decisive battle.

    Sort of like Stalingrad, Battle of the Bulge or Midway.


  10. one more thing...

    S Tsui... I would love to see you battle this blogger...

    But she seems tough to beat. hehe

  11. pakman, as much as we detest labels, we 港女 do have some sense of unity. i'd much rather take you on coz you'd be so much more entertaining to sandbag!

    i'd love to rant on the virtues and vices of 港男 (mostly the latter unfortunately) but i have so many more important and interesting things on which to kill my time.

    btw, could you elaborate a bit more on why you are so angry with wawa? (i'm not a regular reader of apple daily so have no idea what she's like) from what i can see, all she did was to record your dialog with ms wang. the negative comments come wholly from the forum participants, who has not been very friendly to you for some time.

  12. "we 港女 do have some sense of unity. i'd much rather take you on coz you'd be so much more entertaining to sandbag!"

    S Tsui - totally agree with you. Together we should beat this fatty:)

  13. As for 港女 or not...

    Lets sit down and think what we want from all this we do.

    I just want to indulge in the process of finding someone, who I would love to hang out even when I am 70.


    Do you want

    (a) to win the argument, whatever argument, to prove that 港女 is intellectually ok etc?


    (b) also indulge in the process of finding someone, who you would love to hang out even when you are 70 years old.

    My dear sweet leona, S Tsui is married. She is the type who would be good to hang out with at the age of 70.

    S Tsui is only interested in (a)

    Do not be led down the path of solitude because of 港女 sisters like her.

    As for WaWa.

    Just wanted to demonstrate the rules of the jungle. It has its intended effect.


  14. PacMan

    Just when i say "不要影衰港男啊" that you have done somehthing you should be shame on yourself.

    The article you post about Li Wah Wah do damage more on YOU than her!(i was always thinking it was a hime before) dont you understand???
    A very low class.

    A sincere apology is what you need.

    When i read 陶傑's column today, cant help thinking of you.

  15. Only one thing riles me.

    No, not criticisms.

    It is the betrayal of trust.

    WaWa betrayed my trust.

    And when the consequence of her action floats up. What does she do?

    "oh... it would only hurt if it is true"


    I was mad as hell.

    Let me mull over the possibility of an apology.

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