Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nathan Road 348

OK, went to a bar named F-1 last night with 高明輝. Here below is a PR pic of the joint.

Or better known as the Bar "formerly known as 348" (Yes, the one where drugs are allegedly sold like dimsum in a cart) at 348 Nathan Road.

One word to sum up my experience last night "Wicked!"

The kids (and I do fucking mean it when I use that word) there are brilliant. Hell, even the uncles and aunties there were a good laugh.

The bar's edgy (ie. 好雜) reputation is completely unwarranted... Or maybe yesterday night was a good night, and being just one night's experience, the sample size is too small to come to an accurate conclusion.

One complaint though. Like all HK authentic local house music clubs, the music speed is too fast. They should slow it down a couple of clicks so it won't feel like a sprint while dancing.


  1. plenty of nice chicks? unlimited supply?