Sunday, December 17, 2006

高明輝's 3rd World farmer game

Ok, I recently recommended an online flash game to you all.

And it is called the 3rd world farmer game.

The game's original intention is to highlight how tough it is to be a 3rd world farmer. But, I did say that the game was EASY to play if one was to adhere to Chinese values.

Anyhow, there are several ways that the game ends.

1. You and everyone dies. (losing? scenario)
2. You buy/complete all of the projects such as building schools, buying insurance, hiring representative etc...

Anyhow, at the Office of Apple Pie, we have recently engaged in a race to see who can complete all the "projects" in the fewest rounds possible.

And the Young Padawan at Apple Pie, one 高明輝 sent me this little Gem (Disclosure, the fastest I finished was in 8 turns while 宋漢生 needed 14).

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