Tuesday, December 12, 2006

3rd World Farmer Game - too easy to play

Ok, Greg 宋漢生 suggested this game for me to play.

It is called 3rd World Farmer game.

Well, I started playing the game. And found that it is piss easy to win, I credit this to the fact that I am Chinese. And there are only three values we really hold dear.

1. Health is critical 身體健康
2. Education, Education, Education 書中自有黃金屋
3. Productivity enhancement tools must be bought 錢生錢

The key to winning is to make sure you boost all three, and in the beginning rounds to abandon diversification and focus on hoping (praying?) that the one basket you put all your eggs into does not break. ie. Plant all peanuts, cotton, wheat or have only elephant, cow etc...

Ok, so what's the point? The point is that the white folks over in Europe think this game will make people think being a 3rd World Farmer is completely hopeless.

I say this... If they really want to make this game hard, have one more scenario (other than the ones such as Poachers, Civil War, corrupt officials) and that is developed nations embargoeing agricultural products. (chants of "Down Down WTO" by South Korean farmers still rings in my ear)

So the stuff grown/produced actually rots in the docks.

But what is most interesting in this game, is that when you become really rich and have everything and have all people healthy and educated, the most devastating thing that can happen to you is "National Bank Failure". Because there is nothing in the game you can do to avoid its impact.

Ha! exactly, proves my point that paper money backed by central banks are a total Scam. Therefore, the game should add an option "Buy Physical Silver"!!! With that option, you CAN avoid the impact of central bank failure.

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