Sunday, December 24, 2006

姚明斷腳... 因果報應?Yao Ming breaks a leg... Karma?

Well, in a posting made yesterday. I said that Yao Ming 姚明 was amalgamating well with his American colleagues due his ability to learn the language of his job.

Unfortunately, the language of the job involves a whole lot of expletives.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that Yao was caught doing it on (Inter) National TV + Youtube.

Maybe the higher powers think he is being a bad example? 教壞細路?

Anyhow, Yao broke a bone in his knee. Now anything to do with joints just can't be good news. Whatever happens, Yao is going to be out for a minimum of 6 weeks according to ESPN.

You might ask, "There can't possibly be any linkage between the two?"

Well, all I can say is... Perhaps one can always find a pattern where he wants it to justify a theory. Like mine.

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