Wednesday, August 01, 2007

明燈講滙豐 網友齊發功

前日早上,孫柏文寫咗篇題為《一注獨沽賣滙豐》嘅文,如果大家有睇開財經版,都可 能知滙豐控股(005)亦係前日下午出業績。

前日我話過,因為今年7月1日之後,所有風險級別嘅花旗國次按債券,債價都大跌,所以滙豐一定要將手頭上嘅次 按重新估值。亦喺篇文裏面話:

建議沽出:滙豐控股(005) 目標價:112.5港元 年期:12個月


我喺《一注獨沽賣滙豐》篇文章嘅股價預測, 未靈驗,用噚日嘅收市價嚟計算,簡直就係錯晒。

前晚開始,我已經非常depressed。作為一個大情大性嘅人,同事亦感受到我嘅悲哀,而前晚寫完稿之 後,喺廁所碰到個好有同情心嘅同事,佢亦有慰問我。




tintinbright: 「When I read your column today, I already think HSBC will 大步檻過, you are such a super genie (not genius ah!), 超級燈神!! Please write in Apple forever, 淨看你的column已值回$6有餘。」我嘅回應:「I shall transfer your comments to my boss。」

要發達呀:「Some financial writers have special body functions,so that they can write with their arse and shit with their brain。」

gk3328:「佢比秋官還厲害。」我嘅回應:「厲害過秋官?oh no…」


S2k:「人叫柏文佢叫柏文,姓柯就受歡 迎,姓孫就傷感情。」


  1. Pak Man


    Analyst 都要靠通氣,與其肥貓燒鬚,不如先行剃鬚,又可以換下形象,兼洗底

  2. 其實之前成日都有睇你的專欄, 咪成日講移民d野啦. 專心寫財經咪好囉. 不過, 一定要做多d功課先寫, 俾心機寫先得.

  3. To round up, I think you should have known that HSBC is a "God of share" to lots of eldery and retired person who might be unnecessarily scared by your comment. Why it is $112.5 but not 116.45? You've failed to support your view by cogent points and it seemed to be a cusory guess. To be honest, I read your feature everyday but the last Friday one was really disappointing, not only it was wrong but it had created an image to me that you were trying to make use of your columme to put HSBC that day for personal gain. Please do not publish that kind of pointless guess in future as to avoid chaos or panic to those honest shareholders of HSBC. By the way, all of us enjoyed that dinner very much, thanks.

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